Thursday, May 28, 2009

Official Beginning...

Summer vacation has offically begun at our household. I picked Jonathon and a buddy from school at noon yesterday and took them to Pizza Hut to dine and then they came home for an afternoon of fun. At 6:00 they met again at the ballpark to face each other in a ballgame. Jonathon's team won, but his friend did a spectacular job for his team pitching and hitting a home run. Today said homerun hitting buddy is having a pool party for his birthday, and we still have to get his present ready.

I am trying to pick up and clean up here and there, as the computer guy is supposed to come and fix our computer. I hope it is a quick fix, I don't know if I can exist without it. I guess if it isn't a quick fix I will have to resort to watching reruns of Real Housewives, The Deadliest Catch and so on.

I have also came to the conclusion that I need to go to the eye doctor. I keep putting it off, but I started a new stitching project the other day on 32 count stitching over two threads and I really am having trouble seeing to do this. I even broke down and put on Dan's magnifying glasses he bought at Wal-Mart for a second to see if they helped. They did and I must say for not being able to see my stitching looked very good when magnified.

Anyway I am off here to unload the dishwasher and fold clothes. I am already tired of washing the ball uniform. We had our first official game last night, but we had four scrimmages in ten days prior to that. Our coach is an excellent coach, in fact that is what he does for a living, and makes sure the boys are prepared when they go out to play for real...but that means I have washed the aforementioned uniform about five times now because we have needed it every day or every other day. I am not that organized and have actually thought of going out to buy a second pair of pants, but keep telling myself that would be a waster because next year he will need black or white pants, since we never need the same color two years in a row.

Have a wonderful Thursday.