Thursday, May 21, 2009


Whew! Today was the last day for kids and boy was it a long day. I don't know why our school district always makes the last day a full one, because really who can sign yearbooks for seven hours. That is all we really did today. I took my crochet with me to work, we were watching the last half of the movie Mall Cop and you know it only humanly possible to watch that movie so many times in one day. The assistant principal, soon to be the principal, came in to give me a message and I was crocheting to beat the band. I told him I would have put it up if I had seen him coming. He laughed and told me if that was the case not to sit with my back to the door.

I am currently making a second baby afghan this time blue and white and this time it will look pretty much like the first, but I will post a picture anyway. I must get off and get Jonathon something to eat as we have a baseball scrimmage tonight, against the asst. principal's kid and his team. We need to start getting ready within the hour. This is our third scrimmage in seven days and the regular season hasn't even started yet!

Have a great Friday!


Vonna said...

LOL about the crocheting when the Principal walked in...LOL!
Three more days here...argh! Darn snow...

Brigitte said...

Yeah for you! I feel the same about last school days, they are boring and all you can do is play games or watch movies, lol. But the kids usually even don't want to do this - they just want to get out of there, lol.
Enjoy your summer vacation to the fullest.