Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Long Weekend

Today still seems like Sunday in my mind. It rained at little bit here today and hopefully it won't rain much more and Dan will be able to work tomorrow. We did get some things accomplished this weekend. We got the new door on the back, the yard mowed and some housecleaning accomplished. Although whatever gets done in that department is never enough, I can always think of fifty more things that need to be done. I also got my flower planting done for this year. I also finished the second baby afghan, and I might put a picture of it up tomorrow.

Dan and Mark, the neighbor, took the boys to the movies this afternoon to see Night At The Museum. I took a very long nap and now I will probably be up all night, just like last night. Everyone seemed to enjoy the movie. Tanner next door is only 4 and sometimes Jonathon and his buddies have to be reminded that one time they were four and the older boys took time to play with them.

Tanner came to the door on Saturday morning to announce that he had graduated preschool and now he was a big kid. Next year he would be going to Jonny's school and he would be in kindergarten with the rest of the big kids.

Tonight we watched the first episode of the new season of Jon and Kate Plus 8. We have watched the show sporadically from time to time in the past, it hasn't always been one of my favorites, but after watching it I felt really bad for them. You just can't help but think the writing is on the wall for them as a couple, and then wonder did the television cause this or was it bound to happen? I can't imagine what it would be like to be the single parent of 8 kids and 6 of them being five years old! Yikes, of course some days I can't imagine being the parent of one kid. I guess it is true God only gives you what you can handle, and he obviously saw that I can only handle double digit children from 8-3 everyday.

Tomorrow I vow to get back to my stitching, the crocheting is starting to get old. I have several stitching goals in mind for the summer. One is to finish the stockings, and the two WIP's, but I am thinking about starting a new project just to get me back in the groove of stitching.

Have a great week.


Vonna said...

I don't watch Jon and Kate plus 8 because the few episodes I did watch it just reminded me of my household, I have a good 12 hours of kids screaming and fighting here...why would I want to watch it on tv, when I'm trying to relax? LOL! Of course I have 50% less than they have, but still....
I think that they probably would have had problems anyway, but I'm sure cameras in their house all the time wasn't a good mix. So are they calling it quits or are they just struggling?

Brigitte said...

Oh Tammy, I know the feeling when doing housework. It's just never finished because whatever you finish you just discover the next spot where you could just continue, sigh.
I hope you will et back in the swing of stitching. Looking forward to seeing your next stitching projects.