Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rain, False Alarms and Sump Pumps

We have seriously had a lot of rain here in the Midwest. Monday it rained all day long, Tuesday off and on and then again today. Ofcourse, for a few days our basement sump pump had been making this god-awful sound. Dan called and asked the place where we bought it about the noise. They said it was probably sucking air, don't worry unless it comes on and doesn't shut off. Well, about midnight Monday night I heard a strange, loud, humming and.... you guessed it! I got Dan up to go and check it. He unplugged it for awhile and plugged it back in and it worked fine a couple of times then we were back where we started. He was up almost all night babysitting the darned thing so we wouldn't get water in the basement. I don't think I slept much all night because I was up worrying he would fall asleep and not check it. So, first thing on the Tuesday morning to do list was fix that. I think we have everything up and running.

Ofcourse it is supposed to rain everyday for the next week or more. The river is out of it's banks and the road to the farm is under enough water that Dan can't get in out there. The guy that lives there can't get out. I keep thinking that perhaps there will be enough water over enough roads we will get out of school for a day or so.

Anyway, back to the subject of Tuesday. We are reading this book in my English class that corresponds with the history class teaching the Civil War. It is actually quite boring and very slow going. So first hour we are reading right along about the Creighton family and the start of the Civil War discussing the author's use of allusions and... Suddenly the fire doors outside my room slam shut and we hear this funny little beeping sound. Then the fire alarm starts going off. We all evacuate the building. I have to say my class exited as fast as I have ever seen. They saw a chance to stop reading that novel and they were off to the races. We get outside and we hear all of these sirens, we have the police, fire, ambulance, and sheriff departments there. Long story short we has a bad sensor, all was well and after about twenty minutes we were allowed back in the building. No one grabbed their books on the way out, I am sure they were getting excited about the thought that they may actually go up in flames and they would not have to finish the book on one hand, on the other hand several kids kept worrying about their cell phones being in their lockers. We were lucky it happened on Tuesday instead of Monday because Monday morning about that time it was pouring down rain. It was a little on the cool side Tuesday morning.

So my week has been fairly eventful with the rain, lack of sleep, impromptu fire drills and whatnot.

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Brigitte said...

Oh my, that was bad luck for the students that their books didn't get burnt, lol. But good luck for all of you that it was a false alarm. I really don't want to imagine the panic coming up when the hallways and staircases start filling with smoke and fire.
I hope the weather has gone back to normal in your region during the last days.