Sunday, April 19, 2009


Stocking number 3 is almost officially finished. I have to run a ribbon from the trumpet to his coat so it won't be hanging out in midair.

Not a lot is going on here except lots of rain. I don't care, though! I have no wheat to drown, no corn crop to be destroyed, no soybeans that can't be planted. I do have a yard full of grass that needs mowed, but I can handle that.

The school year is finally winding down. I have one more Friday in April and three Fridays in May. We do have some soon to be retired teachers in our building that could probably tell you the time down to the seconds that we have left.

Friday my darlings were in the computer working on the final project for the book we have been reading. One of them was whining it was too hard, too much, blah, blah, blah. I told him to be glad it wasn't fifteen years ago, because he would be in the library looking in encyclopedias, not using a computer. One of them looked at me totally serious and asked "did you really have to use encyclopedias when you were in school?" I looked back just as serious and replied, "yes, I also combed my hair with a dinosaur bone, and got a new outfit once a year after my dad went out and slayed a woolly mammoth." After all I was in high school fifteen years ago, of course I was! Try thirty and you will be in the ballpark.

Then Jonathon comes home and reports that a friend has told him that his parents had been married 10 years. Jonathon told him that we had been married twenty years! Kevin absolutely could not believe that! Because that was a terribly long time! If only Kevin knew! Anyway, by 5:30 Friday night I felt like I should go home and put on my pajamas and get ready for the nursing home.

Today was a fun day, however, one of my stitchy buddies I met through an Internet site has moved nearby and we got together with another lady this afternoon for some lunch, laughs and surprises. We had actually been planning to do this sometime in the future, but since there was a special delivery being made we planned it sooner. Deb, has been a quilter for a few charity groups online and one of those groups recently made her a quilt. Of course, I almost spilled the beans before Sandy got there with quilt, but I shut up just in time! And for the record there were no winos! I told Deb she should feel special because the patterns were of cats and I just won't stitch a cat for anyone.

Well, I should get off here. We have to go to and download a new creation for all of you voters out there.



Brigitte said...

Great finish, this one, too.
Oh well, I also experienced these stories after which you feel like old, older, oldest, lol. But just think of the end of your school year arriving soon and you will feel young again!

Judy said...

Hi Tammy! Thanks so much for stopping by. We've been doing the Benefiber daily dose for a few days...I just thought with all the fruit that kid eats that SURELY he didn't need it anymore! Things are starting to "move", if you get my drift. We're up to 12 pair of underwear down (and two pair of boxers) is going to be a looooooong night!

sa said...