Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Week of Progress

Well, here my progress on stocking number 2. I did quite a bit of stitching this week while off work. It was a relaxing week, although the days were a little long being by myself.

We went to Tulsa on Thursday and spent the day going here and there. We hit the high spots--The Silver Needle, where I got the new July Prairie Schooler pattern, the stocking charms and some thread I needed for the stockings. We also went to Toys R Us, Build a Bear, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Barnes and Noble. Jonathon was bummed when we got to Barnes and Noble because we saw a sign that said the Dugger's (from the TLC show 18 and Counting) would be there for a book signing on Saturday. He thought it would be really cool to meet them. Actually I thought the same thing, but of course Grandma said she had no desire to meet anyone with 18 kids. She is always the party pooper. We also made a couple of stops for Grandma and ate at Applebee's. I would have chosen On the Border, but it wasn't my day to choose.

Jonathon got his report card at Parent-Teacher Conferences last Tuesday and made all A's again. He also got homework to do on Spring Break. I really can't blame the teacher, though, they will begin the State Math Assessment the day they return.
I hate to admit it though, I am going to bribe him this nine weeks and tell him if he has his AR goal by his birthday I will pay him $5. Each nine weeks this year he has waited longer and longer to get his goal. The end of the year gets so crazy at my school, then combine his school, spring soccer, and baseball. It gets to be too much, so anything we get done early is worth it.

He had his first soccer practice this past Saturday, we got a good coach. The kids on his team have fun while playing the game, the coach has more fun I think--at practice he plays as much as the kids.

We have a few little things to get finished today--laundry, mini blinds at my mom's, and some little chores. Then it is time for the Amazing Race and stitching.

Have a great week.


Vonna said...

Well that looks great :)

Brigitte said...

Wow, you were stitching a tremendous amount on this stocking during spring break week. Great!
Your day at Tulsa sounds so good. The Silver Needle is one of my dream shops and I think whenever I get the chance to get near it I'll send my DH somewhere else and spend the day there, lol.