Sunday, March 8, 2009


I finally had a few minutes to sit down last night and put the last three stitches in this. I still have to put the name on, but I usually wait until I get all of them done and put the names on all at once.

Not a lot has been going on. Beautiful weather graced us last week, it really seems more like summer than spring or winter. We had company this weekend. Dan's little brother and his family were here for a couple of days. We got to enjoy Max. He had an "awesome" week at preschool and got to bring Elvis the stuffed dog home for the weekend. He was supposed to take pictures of Elvis and have his mom and dad help him write about Elvis's adventures. Jonathon did something similar in kindergarten, except he brought home this great big multi-colored snake called Sneaky Snake.

This is my final week before spring break. I have lots to do at work to get things lined out for the week after. Hopefully it won't take me too long to get every thing together and organized.

I think we going to plan an outing to Tulsa the week I am out. Jonathon is excited and we have a list of things we want to do there. I have a stitching list going for the Silver Needle. I always say no matter how long my list is there, or how much the bill adds up to, it is still cheaper than therapy!

Everyone seems to be doing well, no one else has been sick. Dan has a couple of job offers to look into, so hopefully one of them will work out and we will be on our in that department.

Until another post, have a great weekend.


Debbie said...

Beautiful job, T! It looks great.

Brigitte said...

It looks terrific! Congratulations on this wonderful finish.
You are certainly looking forward to spring break. It's always a much needed break from school work. Enjoy your warm weather (it's still snowing here) and the fact that everyone is healthy .