Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If I Had Been Thinking....

ten years ago I would not have started this project. I have two really close friends, who have three daughters between them. About ten years ago I made all of the girls stockings as a Christmas gift. Then in the next couple of years I made stockings for each of my friends and their husbands. The girls were in high or middle school around that time. I guess I never considered the fact that they would soon be adults and someday get married, have children, significant others etc. So here I go again. This stocking is going to be for a husband. I still have one husband, a significant other (if it doesn't work out I can take his name off and put another on! just kidding!) and a grand baby. I might have to impose some sort of limit on the birth rate for these girls. I do enjoy stitching these stockings. I love their colors, using the #5 pearle cotton, and the linen they are stitched on. But in reality who can have everyone for a family Christmas and not have stockings for everybody? So I will continue to stitch away.

The photo below is of Dan, Jonathon, and Cleo all trying on their 3D glasses before they need them to watch the movie preview at the end of the first half of the Super Bowl. You will notice that Cleo's are on backwards. When the preview started Jonathon was wowing because he could see the 3D stuff, Dan couldn't see a thing (he really needs glasses), and Cleo could see, but said everything looked normal to him. I finally looked up from my stitching and told him his glasses were on backwards. Once he put them on correctly everything was clear.

Have a great Thursday and Friday, Saturday is around the corner.

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Brigitte said...

Very generous gifts for your friends and families. They must have been pleased so much. Who is the designer of the stocking you're stitching right now? And do you always stitch the same stockings or do you change designers etc?