Sunday, February 8, 2009

74 degrees on February 7

Who would ever believe that? It has been really warm here. On one hand that is good as the air is pretty humid and we can all breathe a little better. We are hoping for some rain to move through here this week. It is really dry and the danger of grass fires are fairly big right now. Dan's rural fire pager has been squawking all weekend. Ofcourse in the back of my mind I am thinking everytime it gets this warm in February we generally have a very big snow storm before long. Could that mean more stitching days, I mean snow days, out of school? I wonder if there is a patron saint of snow to whom I could pray a novena. (Just kidding, God) We really do need the moisture a big, deep, wet snow would bring us.

We have been up and to Mass, the grocery store, and we are back home. Miss Abigail came over last night and spent the night. She helped me get some pork loin marinating for sandwiches later on. She wasn't really impressed with the smell, or sure she should add Dr. Pepper, but I assured her it would be fine and taste good! We put two pork loin roasts in a cooking bag and added a bottle of Claude's BBQ Brisket Sauce and 20 oz. of Dr Pepper and tied the bag shut. It will soak for an hour or two, then I will but the whole mess in the oven to cook. After it has cooled a bit I will slice it up and we will have some delicious sandwiches. Since the weather is so summery we might have potato salad also.

For the rest of the day it is off to do laundry and some stitching.

Have a great week.

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