Saturday, February 14, 2009

3 Day Weekend, Homeroom Mom, and Jury Duty

That pretty much sums up what has been going on around here. I had Friday off work because of parent-teacher conferences earlier in the week, but that was also the day of Jonathon's Valentine's Day party at school. We had a great time at the party, everyone was so calm and polite. The polar opposite of the fall party earlier in the year. The teacher remarked that he didn't realize until he got this job that teaching was being a psychiatrist, parent, nurse, counselor and referee. Yep, that is something they don't teach you in college. Teaching isn't really anything at all to do with the three r's. I always say being a middle school teacher will either work out really well for Jonathon, or not at all. Either nothing he does will shock me, or he will never to get to leave the house.
I spent most of Friday and today stitching on the stocking. Of course I don't have much progress to show as I spent most of my day stitching and then ripping it out. Then the color I needed the most I was out of...but last night we out to eat for Valentine's and I managed to run into Hobby Lobby and grab what I needed. It is sort of distressing to go in some place and see that the cross-stitch supplies are so limited.
I went to the mailbox this morning and found that I have to report to jury duty on Tuesday, which is totally not good timing. State testing begins the next day for me. I plan to tell the judge that, and I am sure he won't care, but it is very important that I be at my job during state testing. Another blunder from the Bush administration that the new administration will have to clean up, NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. I promise that is all I will say about that, otherwise this post will be as long as the great American novel.
We had a fairly eventful week here. Dan's dad had some major health issues to deal with this week. Monday afternoon he was taken by helicopter to Tulsa for his heart. We thought for a while after he was stabilized he would need a pacemaker, but the doctors eventually concluded that it was his medicine that was causing the problems. Since he has been home he has been doing well, so hopefully we are on the road to recovery there. He's a pretty resilant fellow. Dan is a rural fireman, and since the two paramedics were in the back with his dad he drove the ambulance to the hospital. I am only hearing about the events leading up the life flight in bits and pieces, he finally told me that last night. Dan is a man of few words.
It is only three weeks until spring break for me and four weeks until Jonathon's. I can't believe that the school year is going so fast. It won't be long until summer break is upon us.
Have a great week.

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