Saturday, January 24, 2009

And Now For a Weekend Update...

a boring weekend update. I never realized how mundane my life was until I started a blog. Jonathon is over the strep throat, but still taking antibiotics. He has a big sleepover planned to celebrate a friend's birthday next Friday.

Dan made his trek to Iowa and back. Jonathon and I enjoyed some time with just the two of us. Wednesday night we played several games of Connect 4 and Chutes and Ladders. No television or video games, just some fun time together. Thursday night we tackled the homework missed at school. Happily my mom cooked dinner for us that night so we got an early start. What a little stack that was! It didn't take that long, until we had to draw and explain the water cycle.

Right now on the stitching front I am closing in on the end of Bent Creek's Stars and Stripes Forever. I should finish it sometime this week. Maybe I will even take a picture of it. I have a top secret project to start and finish after that, then I think I will restart those awful cows in a snowstorm Dan wants done.

According to the weatherman my chances for a snow are marginal this next week, but those odds are better then what I have had so far. You know it just hasn't seemed like winter yet. I mean we had a few flurries here and there, very cold temps, but not a good old fashioned winter storm. Last year we had snow and two booming ice storms. I guess old man winter took his buiness farther East this year.

Right now the boys are watching a DVD in the basement, so I think I will go back to my stitching and see how much I can accomplish before bedtime. After the movie we have CCD homework to do before Mass tomorrow. That is always a ton of fun. Jonathon's CCD teacher always asks what the priest talked about in church. Every Sunday as we are leaving church Jonathon asks "what did he talk about, Florence will want to know."

Everyone have a great week with lots of stitches to boot.

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