Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, it seems now that my schedule is becoming more free by the minute. The Eagles and whipping up on my Cowboys, so I won't really need to watch the playoffs. I would like to go out on a limb and suggest that one the quarterbacks for the upcoming Super Bowl will be Eli Manning. Why you ask would I make this particular prediction? Because my all-knowing son has for the past three years had the uncanny ability to ask for the jersey of a super bowl quarterback for a Christmas gift. This year he wanted Eli Manning. He was correct when he picked Big Ben (sorry I don't know how to spell his last name) from the Steelers, Peyton from the Colts, and last year Tom Brady. Maybe I should take the kid to Vegas!

Anyway I have been cleaning stuff up like a madwoman. Today Jonathon and I tackled the toy room in the basement and his room. Earlier this week I did the storage room in the basement and put up all the Christmas stuff I dug out to decorate. I need to clean out my pots and pans and the Rubbermaid cabinet so I can get my new pots and pans out. I try every year on my school vacations to clean out some drawers cabinets, etc just to keep up with the clutter and get rid of it. I keep a hand me down Rubbermaid in a little hidden from view place in the dining room. When I do laundry and I know something is too little I throw it in that Rubbermaid and when it is full I give the to the kid across the street aka BATMAN! (that's a whole other story). I also don't let Jonathon open any of the toys he gets in Happy Meals etc, I put them straight in a bag and take them to our neighbor who is a kindergarten teacher for her treasure chest.

And you will not believe it, but I actually stitched last night and only had to rip out one little bitty space. My goal is the have the Prairie Schooler Thanksgiving sampler finished before I go back to work next Friday. I look at all of these other stitching blogs and can not believe how much everyone else accomplishes and here I am like the snail coming along behind.

Have a wonderful week.

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