Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It Is Almost Here

Well, it won't be long now until Christmas has come and gone for another year. I do have 95% of the gifts I bought wrapped. I didn't do a lot of shopping this year. I just finally came to the conclusion that one I didn't have a lot of money to spend, and two my kid always gets so much half of the time he doesn't even comprehend who it came from, so I made a few calls to family and friends and said, "We love you, but we aren't giving you anything for Christmas, please reciprocate." Most of them were very happy to do so.

We always get something from our neighbors across the street, and I always bake up some Christmas type things and take to them. This year, however, she is in nursing school. This coming Sunday I am taking them dinner so that she won't have to worry about anything, but studying for finals. I called Mark last Saturday and told him--cleared the menu, made sure it was something they would actually eat. So when I come home from church on Sunday I will be making them lasagna, garlic bread, salad, and an ooey, gooey cake. That will be their Christmas present from us, and you know what?? That is one present I am actually excited to give, because I know they will enjoy it. It is simple and from the heart.

I did, however, fret all last Sunday that he thought I meant I would bring dinner over that day. By eight o'clock that evening I figured that he knew I meant this coming Sunday, either that or, they were over there starving and wondering what in the heck was taking me so long.

School is about to wind down for both Jonathon and I. I am a little miffed that I don't get off until 3 on the 23rd, but I guess that is the way the old cookie crumbles. Jonathon finally got his AR goal today, and we have a nine point book almost read for after Christmas. I have finished the Kansas State Writing Assessment with my kids. It went very smoothly this year. We spent two days in the computer lab typing and three days in class actually writing. I usually don't let this state testing get me all excited, they will either do well or they won't. Having a hysterical teacher won't change the end results, but from those I have glanced over they seemed to have really done well. They had four choices one of which was pick the "theme song of your life". Not many picked that prompt, but we had some funny class discussions matching songs to personalities. I must say they were quite surprised at the "cool" songs I knew, and the fact that I have an i-pod and those songs are on that i-pod.

I do have some special activities scheduled for them on Monday the 22nd. By the time I get to my sixth hour class they already know the assignment complete with page numbers through the grapevine. This year I have a different activity for each hour. I tried to gear the activity to the class taking into consideration things like can they get out of their seats without going bonkers etc. One class is doing a Christmas Carol Joust. I will throw out a word like say, "Santa" and they, as teams, must burst into song first with a carol containing that word. They don't know what we are doing yet. I did tell them they had to sing. One of them said they didn't sing very well. I told him that was okay. I said he had to sing, not sing well. Hopefully things will go okay that day.

Have a great Thursday.

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