Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Can't Believe It is Almost....

Thanksgiving! My friend Alyson and I were talking about that this afternoon. It is so close to Thanksgiving that Tanner, our four-year-old all-knowing neighbor, talked to the Big Guy last night. That is right I went over to get change for a twenty this afternoon and got the full report. Santa Claus was in the Joplin, MO area checking for the good and bad kiddos. Tanner asked him for a Batmobile and a Batcave. Well, maybe I didn't get a full report as I could have, he was busy doing a dot to dot (with a paint brush). I told him the shirt he had on made his eyes look pretty, maybe some girl would want to be his girlfriend tonight at church. That idea didn't go over very well.

We had our end of season soccer tournament this past week. Jonathon was pumped his team got second place and a trophy! Usually at the end of each season they get a medal for playing, but this year in addition to the medal they got a trophy also. It is proudly displayed in his room right now.

Not only is time whipping by quickly these past two months, but in Jonathon's life as well. I can't believe that he is half-way through the fourth grade. I always take a day off work to do his parties at school. Another teacher was asking me about the latest party and we got to talking there are only five more school parties before he starts middle school! I know that sounds stupid, but I really don't want him to grow up.

I have the Christmas shopping started. I haven't really been happy about doing it this year though, I guess it is because the things Jonathon wants I find boring, and I don't really know what to get anyone else on my Christmas list. That kind of irritates me, because I always know what to get people on my list.

I went over to my mom's today and mowed/mulched all of her leaves. I am sort of to the point with her that she will never be satisfied. I took care of the leaves today, but tomorrow it will be something else. I can still taste the leaf dust, and I feel gritty after a shower.

Well, it is back upstairs to finish the laundry and get things underway for the next week. Since I started this entry by talking about Thanksgiving--I will add that I do have a lot to be thankful for and I should stop and realize that from time to time. Have a great week.

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