Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Pictures

The first photo we have here is Young Indiana Jones cracking his whip.

These are our pumpkins that we carved. Jonathon has carved enough pumpkins in his day that he really only needs help to get the inside cleaned out and then he can go to town. He was pretty proud of these two. We got them from our friend JoAnne, who grew them in her garden this year, so that makes them even better. We were at her house one night when she and Mike were working in the garden, so Jonathon not only got to carve the pumpkins he got to help pick them.

Now that Halloween is over I officially started my Christmas shopping today. I got my big purchase made and started on a couple of the smaller ones. It won't be that long until Thanksgiving now. I have been picking up baking supplies here and there along for the holiday season.

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Just Charming said...

Those are two GREAT pumpkins! Johnathon looks great in that Young Indiana Jones costume, too. It looks like you are having a nice autumn. I miss not having the 4 seasons. I really wish it would cool down some... still up in the high 80s. My best to your family!