Friday, November 28, 2008

Here are some pics of my house decorated for Christmas. Below are the Shepherd's Bush stockings I made for several people. I think I made approximately 20 in all. Now I really should be stitching some more because a lot of the youngers that I stitched them for are married and are starting families of their own. The Santas displayed on the table are from kits I bought from the Silver Needle a dew years ago. They were finished by a worker there, Mona. Each Santa is stitched using several speciality threads

This is one of the three trees I put up each year. This tree is Jonathon's. He has all of the ornaments that he has collected. We started with my buying him the Hallmark sports figures, then other people started giving him ornaments, so none the less it has turned into a hodge podge of dectorations. The tree topper for this tree is an angel he made in preschool with his hands for the wings and a toilet paper tube for the body.

This tree is my red and gold tree. It has assorted red ornaments and some gold ornamments that my mom got me from Danbury Mint, along with some ecru angels.

This is the big tree and it is decorated with snowmen. Every year my mom gets us all some little snowman ornament with our names on it. This tree has our bigger snowmen ornaments on it. I am thinking about getting a smaller tree to put all of the little ones on.

In addition to the decorating I did at my house Jonathon and I ran across the yard and put my mom's tree up and decorated it for her. Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are now playing elves for S. Claus to make your Christmas merry and bright.


Debbie said...

Wow, one tree is enough for this house! They look great.

Linda in MA said...

Loved your trees. I put up around 10 so I always enjoy looking at others. One suggestion I have is for your red and gold tree see if you can get the yellow/gold lights they sell at Lowes. They make the tree look very rich.

Linda in MA