Saturday, October 25, 2008

At Last A Day Off

Jonathon and I finally got our well-deserved Friday off from school this week. We took some time to venture to Tulsa for the day. Jonathon had a friend spend the night and so we headed out yesterday morning. We met some other people at Incredible Pizza, then did some shopping. We went to the normal places and before leaving town stopped by the Silver Needle. I didn't buy any stitchy stuff, but I did get myself a new Vera Bradley handbag. I don't know what style the bag is, but the pattern is Kensington. I got the color because I had matching accessories for it. Anyway, the three of us had a fun day together. I really like this little fellow that spent the night with us. He and Jonathon get along so well.

This past week has been the annual Neewollah week in the town where I teach. It is kind of a wild and crazy week for that small town. This year the kids were kind of wild and crazy at school. The kids got out of school at 2:25 Wednesday and the teachers had Friday off.

The weather here has been very fall like, in fact we are expecting a hard freeze tomorrow and Monday. I guess then it will be time for me to clean out the flower beds for this year and get the yard semi cleaned up before winter. Last week when it got so cool out, I kept thinking that it was certainly cool for the time of year, then it dawned on me that it was already the end of October. It seems when the school year begins September goes on and on, but once you get to October the year just starts to fly by, and that is what is happening this year.

Have a great weekend and week. We are heading off here in a little bit to go play soccer. Luckily this season we only had one early game. Since the weather has been pretty cool this week, we were lucky and got the noon game.

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