Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Day in the Life

Well, not much is happening here. I twisted my ankle pretty good and did quite a bit of stitching yesterday. I couldn't walk, therefore, I could not clean. I started the Prairie Schooler Thanksgiving design. Last weekend I worked on Lady Liberty, actually I took her to craft night at the church. Needless to say, cross-stitch is not a very good item to take to something like that. It is too hard to concentrate.

Work is going fine, if you could get over all drama. We have a testing schedule and one person decided that it interfered with another teacher's library schedule and sent a corrected copy to the test director. Not a good thing. Then when I asked if I could just know when to have my kids in the computer lab to test... she (the interfering teacher) sent out an e-mail to everyone preaching about getting along and working together. It was all I could do not to reply to all and tell her that we were all getting along and working together until she stuck her nose in it.

Okay enough for today. I only have 18 more days until a Friday off, then the next Friday is Halloween. Since I am the homeroom chairperson for Jon's class I will be home that Friday too. I have an "out of town appointment" that day-- Which really is the truth. I teach in one town and he goes to school in another, therefore, when I am homeroom parenting I am keeping an appointment in another town separate from the one in which I am employed. I am saving those two personal days I must use or lose for a time when I really feel the need to not be at work. Like the second week of May.
Have a wonderful week, even if you are testing with a messed up schedule.

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