Monday, September 8, 2008

I Could Go On and On...

about things that bug me, but for the sake of those who read I won't. I'll just go on a minor rampage.
1. The neighbor kid who won't go home. He was here about six hours yesterday. Finally I told him Jonathon had homework, so he went home for awhile. I used to think he was pretty neat until yesterday. He's here again today.

2. Adults who are tattletales. Why is it some people always thinks they have to be everyone else's moral compass? I hope you are as perfect as you want the rest of us to be. As one co-worker at my place said to another once... "You had better have hotpads on your feet because the bridges you burn today might need to be crossed tomorrow."

3. People who send political forwards in e-mails. Did it ever occur to you that my political views might not be the same as yours? Not only that, but did you verify all the facts in the emails you forward? Do you know what the word propaganda means? If not maybe you could sit in on my English class someday when I teach persuasive text and writing. Then maybe you can evaluate the source of these so called truthful emails.

Okay, so now I got that off my chest I can say that I read two books this weekend, but young adult literature. I am currently rereading Snow Falling On Cedars mainly because I enrolled myself as an AR student and challenged my students to try and beat me. It is worth 23 points and a pretty good book. I also am almost to the point of back stitching the airplane, and I received some cool stash stuff from Tracy at Stitches and Stones for a contest on her blog. I will add pictures sometime this week of that and hopefully a finished cross-stitch project.

Until then have a great week.


Eileen said...

wow tammy.. LOL I hope I never send you anything political. It's neat that you are challenging you students, and I am sure it encourages them to do more reading. Good job on the airplane, I can't wait to see it.

stitchin schoolmarm said...

yeah, well I had just about had it last week. I have decided that I too will become a tattletale, so watch out world!

Judy said...

Hey - got your comment about distant cousins in Pasadena. Pasadena is on the south side of Houston - they are going to catch the brunt of the inland portion of the storm, even before Houston. Pasadena was part of the mandatory evacuations - at least the southern-most part of the area was. A lot of people apparently didn't leave though.

Anyway, that's all I know - it is just now starting to rain - wind has become an issue around there, and now the rain starts. A hurricane striking at night is scary stuff...we probably won't know anything until daybreak.