Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day

Hello? Anyone out there? Blogging can sometimes certainly make you feel like you are talking to yourself. I hope all of you who labor outside the home are having a great, productive day off. And for those of you who labor within your home I hope that you are taking this day off. I know when you stay at home lots of people don't think you work, but in actuality you never get away from your job. I am having a relaxing day off, but I certainly wouldn't call it productive.

On the stitching front I am not getting a lot accomplished. I think it is because I am stitching things like cows and WWII planes, which I don't really enjoy. I thought of starting a new project, but then the thought of having all of this unfinished stuff around bothers and makes me nervous.

We actually have had a fairly busy weekend. My youngest BIL had his twentieth class reunion this weekend, so they stayed at our house Friday night, and we babysat for cousin Max. What a sharp little fellow that kid is, he talks in complete sentences with a huge vocabulary, counts from 10 - 0 nonstop and yells blast off! We certainly get a kick out of him visiting.

Saturday night we had to work bingo at our church. 119 people showed up to play bingo that night, which is a huge crowd for us. Bingo players have hollow legs I have decided. I work in the kitchen and we were so busy it was not even funny. We had two teenagers from the youth group helping out. Sometimes this is a double edged sword as their idea of working and our idea of working are two different things. The two we had there Saturday night worked their tails off.

Sunday and Monday we haven't done a lot just hung around done laundry, should be cleaning, but that dust has been there for awhile it can stay at little longer.
I have spent a lot of time today watching the Hurricane Gustav coverage keeping my fingers cross for all of those in his path.

Take care and have a wonderful week.


Debbie said...

I'm here, Tammy! We had a very nice weekend, got some jobs done around the house, went to the country fair and played in the pool. The weather was gorgeous. Now, I am not ready to get back to homeschooling!

stitchin schoolmarm said...

Oh good! Somehow, Debbie, I knew I could count on you. Love the fort you guy is building for the kids. We have started soccer also.