Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Boy's Dream Come True

Who would ever think they would get the chance to ride in a real, live, maybe, someday Hot Wheel? That is just what Jonathon and two of his buddies got to do on Sunday.
My friend Sara's BIL Ryan was one of the creators of this awesome car. When she told me about the car and the possibility that it could someday be made into a Hot Wheel I immediately thought of Jonathon's friend C, who collects Hot Wheels. I told her he would die to see the car, and Sara graciously promised that if Ryan ever brought the car this way she would snag them a ride. This past weekend was the time! You can tell by the pictures that they were enjoying the ride and notoriety of being one of the few in our area to get a ride. When they returned from their spin around town they said, "People just kept looking at us!" I thought it was pretty great of Ryan to just agree to pick up three kids he didn't even know and head off with them.

On the stitching front I did finish the airplane and will have a picture soon. When it has been properly ironed. The other picture is my stash from Tracy at Stitches 'n Stones. I have to say I was really honored to received so many nice things from her. I did start another project, it is the Prairie Schooler Thanksgiving design I bought several months ago.

Work is moving along. This week I am kind of excited, we took a test over our first grammar chapter and the kids did a super duper job. Even though grammar is probably the most boring thing in the world to learn.
Hope everyone has a great week!

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Debbie said...

Very cool car. What fun for the boys.