Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Boy's Dream Come True Part II

Last Saturday as we sat through the soccer game (that ended after overtime) with a 0-0 tie we noticed all of these small planes flying around. Someone remarked that they were having their annual fly in at the airport. Jonathon and I buzzed out to the local small airport after the game to check out the planes they had participating. There were several little two seater planes. We went inside and they said that "Bill" was giving buddy rides. He was in a red plane. We were told to go out by the runway and when he came in for a landing to wave our arms and point to ourselves. He would stop and take Jon up for awhile. I know that sounds rather odd, but it worked. Bill came in for the landing and we flagged him down. He stopped and let the current passenger off and picked up Jonathon. They buckled in and I was told they would be back in 15 minutes. They flew over our little town. Jonathon got to see the third soccer game in progress from the air. The most exciting part though was Bill let him take over the controls. He has now been bitten by the flying bug big time. He wanted to know how old you had to be for flying lessons.

I am always catching grief for being too overprotective, nervous, or whatever else you could call it. It didn't hit me until I was sitting on a bench under a shade tree waiting for my only child to return what I had just done. I sent my kid off in an airplane with a stranger!!! But I must say in my defense I didn't panic at all or worry--- well, until minute 16 came and they weren't back yet. It was, however, a terrific thing for a nine year old to experience.

Last weekend we had the custom hot ride, this week we had a plane ride. What in the world will we do next weekend??? My friend Sara suggested Bungy Jumping.


Debbie said...

T, you better watch out. Brian's grandfather put him on a little airplane when he was only 3. (His mother wasn't there.) Brian has been dreaming of flying his whole life since then and that is what he does for a living now. Maybe Jonathan has some aviation in his future.

stitchin schoolmarm said...

Ever since he has been walking anything that moves on wheels or with a motor has caught his attention. Someday I hope the lawn mower is as alluring! LOL!

Just Charming said...

Wow! Hot Wheels and Flying! Your son must have been so happy! It is great to see that you are all having a great time. My best to you and yours.