Saturday, August 16, 2008

Two Days Down, 170 Some To Go

Well, the kids in our district came to school on Thursday. The first day wasn't too bad, the second day kinda of rolled along fine until sixth hour. My sixth hours are always a mess, I don't know why. Anyway, I think I will survive this year, after all only two weeks and then I have a vacation.

I haven't accomplished much in the stitching department here of late, but I have been busy. Monday night we went to the country music show at the Inter-State Fair and Rodeo. Miranda Lambert put on quite a show! We took Abby who boogied the night away. She tried to get my mom to give her a cigarette lighter to hold up. Grandma Patty definitely balked at that request. Then she begged Dan for his cell phone. The girl is definitely 8 going on something way too old. I also saw a former student's parent there. Sometimes getting a gander at the parents out in public always explains a lot, if you get my drift. Then Wednesday we went back for the first night of the rodeo. My opinion, you've seen one rodeo you've seen them all.

Yesterday was Friday. Last year after the double blood clot debacle Jonathon's birthday party was looming. He wanted to have a big sleepover, I wasn't really game for that at the time, but I promised a mini sleepover before school starts. Since it starts on Monday I guess I had run out of time and last night was the big night. Three friends came over after "Meet the Teacher" and we had a sleepover. I got up at 2 am to use the bathroom and two were awake and two were asleep. Dan was up at 3:30 and he said only one was awake. By nine all of them were awake and hungry again. They have really had fun and got along very well. They have also ate quite a little bit. Last night they ate two loaves of pepperoni bread, 1 pan of brownies, and drank lots of Gatorade. Once I went to bed from the looks of the trash can the real party started-- pudding cups galore, jello cups galore, a box of Little Debbie's. Little did they know, the jello and pudding were sugar free. Sometimes I have to remind myself of everything I have to be grateful and today it that I don't have three growing boys to feed all the time.

Anyway we are heading to Sonic here in a bit to eat (again) and then we are off to work bingo at our church. Sunday I plan to stitch.

Have a great Saturday.

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