Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hi, Ho! Hi, Ho! It's Off To Work I Go

Well, tomorrow is the big day, the before school meetings start, and quite frankly I am ready to go back. Not exactly ready to face this new bunch I have heard so many not very nice things about, but ready for a schedule and something to do all day long. I am totally positive though that my new bunch will be like my last bunch and they will have grown up somewhat over the summer. Which leads me to my big pet peeve. When the teachers from last year all run up to you and say "oh you have such and such let me tell you about them!" Exspecially when the one doing it is juvenile and acts just like the kids and then can't figure out why they don't get along with them. Anyway, enough of that rant, last year I finally just said after the second time that no I didn't want to know it was a new year , and I had done this for 20 some years and thought I could handle it myself. At the time I didn't mean it to sound so grouchy and mean, but it certainly stopped the problem right away.

We finally solved the mysytery of the air conditioner quitting. The sump pump on the sewer lift station in our basement burnt out, that is what was causing the breaker to trip continually. Fortunately, hardly anyone uses the basement facilities so until it is fixed it shouldn't be a problem. At least that is what dear Dan is telling me and he better be right! So this week we have an electrician and a plumber coming. Thank goodness I am going back to work and he will have to deal with the whole mess.

Tonight begins the second official night of the local Inter-State Fair and Rodeo. This is the extreme sports night with motocross, Dan and Jonathon are going, me I don't know. I might go just to get out and see some people other than those in my living room, but I might stay home and laminate my thirty new copies of My Brother Sam Is Dead. I will definitely go tomorrow night when Miranda Lambert is there. That is followed by four nights of rodeo. I will probably go on Thursday as that is Tough Enough To Wear Pink night, and they raise money for breast cancer awareness. Lots of the cowboys wear pink and they look mighty nice in it. The life of a stitchin schoolmarm is action packed.

Have a wonderful Monday, I am sure I will, maybe, possibly!

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