Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not Much Going On

Well, not a lot is happening here in Kansas. Work is going well, just a one or two that can't seem to do what they are supposed to. Jonathon got started this week, so we are back to our weekly reading for AR and we are also hitting the flash cards pretty good. We have been doing that for some time now, and he is really starting to pick things up in the mulitplication facts department.

Today he had a friend and the neighbor kid playing with him. It wasn't too bad as they basically ran between our house and the neighbor's house for most of afternoon. I made them cupcakes, so the couple of passes they made through here consisted of wolfing down a dozen cupcakes between the three of them and several bottles of Gatorade.

Still not a lot on the stitching front. I tend to let other people dictate what I do and when I do it. Some day I am just going to put my foot down and say I am not doing anything but stitch. I did manage to read a novel during DEAR time this week. I finished it this morning on our ride home from Mass. I really never thought I would like the book as the movie previews didn't interest me, but "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" was a fairly good book. I think what made me think I wouldn't like is that I have a cousin who is Down's. I know when he was born we all got a crash course in Down's Syndrome. It was a total family effort and now he is a very high functioning adult. I guess living that part of the story was kind of a turn off for me. Most people don't realize the challenges that adults with Downs have, I mean my cousin is smart enough to know the things he is missing out on and thinks he can do everything anyone else his age can.. (like getting married and having a family), so I could relate all too well to that part of the book.
Anyway, I guess the real message that people could take away from the book, and I could certainly attest to is that people like my cousin and the girl in the book really add to your life and enrich it rather than being a burden.

I hope everyone has a great Monday. If you do I promise you can all have a three day weekend next week.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Two Days Down, 170 Some To Go

Well, the kids in our district came to school on Thursday. The first day wasn't too bad, the second day kinda of rolled along fine until sixth hour. My sixth hours are always a mess, I don't know why. Anyway, I think I will survive this year, after all only two weeks and then I have a vacation.

I haven't accomplished much in the stitching department here of late, but I have been busy. Monday night we went to the country music show at the Inter-State Fair and Rodeo. Miranda Lambert put on quite a show! We took Abby who boogied the night away. She tried to get my mom to give her a cigarette lighter to hold up. Grandma Patty definitely balked at that request. Then she begged Dan for his cell phone. The girl is definitely 8 going on something way too old. I also saw a former student's parent there. Sometimes getting a gander at the parents out in public always explains a lot, if you get my drift. Then Wednesday we went back for the first night of the rodeo. My opinion, you've seen one rodeo you've seen them all.

Yesterday was Friday. Last year after the double blood clot debacle Jonathon's birthday party was looming. He wanted to have a big sleepover, I wasn't really game for that at the time, but I promised a mini sleepover before school starts. Since it starts on Monday I guess I had run out of time and last night was the big night. Three friends came over after "Meet the Teacher" and we had a sleepover. I got up at 2 am to use the bathroom and two were awake and two were asleep. Dan was up at 3:30 and he said only one was awake. By nine all of them were awake and hungry again. They have really had fun and got along very well. They have also ate quite a little bit. Last night they ate two loaves of pepperoni bread, 1 pan of brownies, and drank lots of Gatorade. Once I went to bed from the looks of the trash can the real party started-- pudding cups galore, jello cups galore, a box of Little Debbie's. Little did they know, the jello and pudding were sugar free. Sometimes I have to remind myself of everything I have to be grateful and today it that I don't have three growing boys to feed all the time.

Anyway we are heading to Sonic here in a bit to eat (again) and then we are off to work bingo at our church. Sunday I plan to stitch.

Have a great Saturday.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hi, Ho! Hi, Ho! It's Off To Work I Go

Well, tomorrow is the big day, the before school meetings start, and quite frankly I am ready to go back. Not exactly ready to face this new bunch I have heard so many not very nice things about, but ready for a schedule and something to do all day long. I am totally positive though that my new bunch will be like my last bunch and they will have grown up somewhat over the summer. Which leads me to my big pet peeve. When the teachers from last year all run up to you and say "oh you have such and such let me tell you about them!" Exspecially when the one doing it is juvenile and acts just like the kids and then can't figure out why they don't get along with them. Anyway, enough of that rant, last year I finally just said after the second time that no I didn't want to know it was a new year , and I had done this for 20 some years and thought I could handle it myself. At the time I didn't mean it to sound so grouchy and mean, but it certainly stopped the problem right away.

We finally solved the mysytery of the air conditioner quitting. The sump pump on the sewer lift station in our basement burnt out, that is what was causing the breaker to trip continually. Fortunately, hardly anyone uses the basement facilities so until it is fixed it shouldn't be a problem. At least that is what dear Dan is telling me and he better be right! So this week we have an electrician and a plumber coming. Thank goodness I am going back to work and he will have to deal with the whole mess.

Tonight begins the second official night of the local Inter-State Fair and Rodeo. This is the extreme sports night with motocross, Dan and Jonathon are going, me I don't know. I might go just to get out and see some people other than those in my living room, but I might stay home and laminate my thirty new copies of My Brother Sam Is Dead. I will definitely go tomorrow night when Miranda Lambert is there. That is followed by four nights of rodeo. I will probably go on Thursday as that is Tough Enough To Wear Pink night, and they raise money for breast cancer awareness. Lots of the cowboys wear pink and they look mighty nice in it. The life of a stitchin schoolmarm is action packed.

Have a wonderful Monday, I am sure I will, maybe, possibly!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Flat Folds

Here are some pics of the flat folds I did last weekend. I can definitely find something wrong with each and every one of them, but since they will probably be displayed around my house I guess that is okay. Perfection is highly overrated.

Hope everyone enjoys a lazy fun-filled Saturday. I know we are going to, we were going to go swimming, but since it is raining I am thinking we will probably invite a friend over to play.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nineteen Years Ago Today....

at this time I was on my way to the airport heading for New Orleans. I was going to spend the first week of married life on a honeymoon there with my new husband of 2 and 1/2 hours. Today I really can't believe we have been married that long. Maybe it is because the flood last year continues to change our lives dramatically, and has made me stop to realize that I don't give us enough credit as a couple to go through what we have and will contine to face in the coming months.

We went back New Orleans three years later at Christmas time for another visit. It was much cooler temperature wise and just as much fun. About 5 years later we once again went back in December with another couple. We drove this time and had tons of fun. All four of us love to eat (and it is evident to the naked eye), so we ate bread pudding every day for five days where ever we ate we ordered bread pudding and compared them all. The winner was Elvis Presley's restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee the first place we ate on the trip down.

It was about six months after that I found out I was pregnant. After ten years of trying to get pregnant and 5 or 6 of those years spent going to the doctor 1,2, or 3 times a month. The first thing I did when I found out was grab my phone and call a little lace shop in the French Quarter and order a beautiful handmade christening gown. My friend Shelly knew we were going to ramp up the drugs and such in hopes of getting pregnant the next year tried in vain to talk me into to buying one that December, but I was scared to, afraid I might jinx the whole process. Luckily for me on the way out the door she stopped at the cash register and grabbed a business card and told me to put this away in case I needed it.

So when Hurricane Katrina hit I was so relieved that New Orleans wasn't affected. I spent my World Geography class time explaining to the kids about sea level, what the city was like and all. Then I came home and saw what had happened while I was at work. I cried every time I watched the news. Lately, I have been having the urge to go back and see the place again. Maybe year twenty will be the time to do that.

Have a great Tuesday.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Fun Never Ends...

Just when I thought things couldn't be more hectic or our luck couldn't be worse..... the air quit yesterday. We finally got it working again last night and the house was comfortable for sleeping, but we're still not sure what exactly the problem is. So, guess what Dan is doing this weekend?

Yesterday we made a trip to Hobby Lobby and I got some stuff to try and make some flat fold stand ups. I made two, the first I was totally unhappy with as it didn't look all that "neat" and perfecto. The second one was much better. I counted and I had approximately 13 different things I needed to do something with and framing is way too expensive and out of the question. I am using the directions from The Twisted Stitcher's tutorials and they work like a charm. Very easy to follow and these make up quickly.

On the other hand I did manage to get some cleaning done, I moved all the furniture in the living room and vaccummed underneath and behind it as well as the normal things you have to do everyday.

On the not housework front I finally got my mom and Jon some new music downloaded for their ipod shuffles. They both always want a song added and when you ask what the song is you get great answers like-- the one they played at the swimming pool the other day. Let's see, oh I know that song! We were only there three hours and heard about thirty songs, but I am sure I know the one you are talking about. My mom wanted the song they played on that commercial about the Olympics. Hello? How many Olympic ads are there on television right now? She did start writing down some of the lyrics when it came on, so that helped us figure out it was "Imagine" by John Lennon.

If you are ever looking for a gift for your mother, who has everything, I highly recommend something like an i-pod or shuffle. If your mother is like mine she is technologically challenged. We got her one for Mother's Day and I downloaded fifty some odd old songs that I knew she would like and gave it to her. She loves it. I got her the shuffle instead of a nano because I figured the shuffle would be easier to operate. Neither she nor Jonathon troubleshoot very well, one week they each came running panicked because "they wouldn't work!" They needed charged, problem solved. I only wish all of life's problems were that easy to solve, I would plug my life and my family's into a battery charger.

Maybe before the weekend is over I will have a problem free air system and some pictures of my latest creations to show.

Until then have a great Saturday, if you live in my neck of the woods we are under a heat advisory, so stay cool. Actual temp right now 95 with a heat index of 105 and 44% humidity. It is hot and muggy.