Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I had three comments this time! Can you believe that? I feel like I have hit the big time! Not a lot going on here just really hot and now dry. First, too much rain, now needing rain. Can't Mother Nature ever get it right?

We went swimming today with an old friend and her two girls. Jonathon and Abby had fun with them both. We did stay at the pool long enough that they were all asking if they could please leave. I didn't think there was ever a length of time that would cause that to happen.

I am cross-stitching on Jonathon's airplane. Right now I am working on the propeller, so next time maybe Abby will think it looks like an airplane. I told her if she keeps commenting on my "art" she will lose favorite niece status. Since I only have three nieces and rarely see two of them, who are adults, I don't think she is worried.

My cousin Kathy commented that cross-stitch takes a lot of patience. It does, but literally it is a hobby that has saved my sanity many a times. This summer it is the one calming thing I have to look forward to every day. When I get it out I forget all the looming problems I have and go to my happy cross-stitch place. A double bonus is this--I have now given away so much of my cross-stitch that all my family and friends get this look on their face like, OMG! She is going to give something else she made! So now I am doing things for my house. I still have Dan's cows in a snowstorm to do, I guess that I will consider that project a penance for any immediate and future sins I may commit.

Have a great Wednesday, and be happy.

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