Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stitching WIPS

Here are some photos of my stitching WIP's
1st off we have Lady Liberty, which is really not the name of the pattern, by Mirabella. I have had this pattern for a long time and then when Mindy of Mindy's Memories started posting her progress photos I was really inspired to start this one for myself. This piece is being completed on a piece of over dyed fabric from Silkweaver's.

2nd we have a F-40 something or other airplane for my son. I bet you could tell it was an airplane by the photo. I actually started this a couple of days ago and have spent more time ripping out than stitching, so the progress is going a little slow. This particular pattern is from the Legendary Aircraft book by Stoney Creek. It is being done on some 18 count linen from Silkweaver's

3rd is a country schoolhouse that will hopefully someday hang in my kitchen. This was started a couple of years ago on a snow day from school. We were hit with a major blizzard that day. Actually we went to school and then we were sent home, so I made a little side trip to pick up the threads for this on my way home and started it that evening. This year it became my swimming lesson project. It is also a Stoney Creek pattern. It is done on evenweave fabric.

Summer continues here. We are at last getting a Kansas summer. The rains have stopped for the moment and it is hot. Dan is finally able to get into the fields to plant. We are praying that things will work out in the farming arena. It has been a struggle to recover after the flood.

Yesterday was Dan's birthday, and tomorrow is mine. My neighbor went out to a local farm and picked a bunch of peaches, so instead of a birthday cake Dan got homemade peach pie and ice cream. Jonathon picked out four DVD's for his dad, and last night when Dan got home from his meeting we watched the final episode of MASH.

Jonathon loves the show MASH and watches reruns of it all the time. It is sort of ironic because MASH was one of my dad's all time favorite shows. I told him one night when he was up late watching them that was one of his Grandpa John's favorite shows. I try to tell him things like that when they come up, since my dad died years before he was born. I think it gives him some sort of a connection.

Well, until tomorrow I hope you have a great day. I am off to work on that airplane.

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Just Charming said...

Those are amazing, Tammy! You are quite the talent.

I wish both you and your husband a Happy Birthday!

I use to watch re-runs of MASH when I was in college. It's always fun to watch and Alan Alda is the BEST!