Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Let The Fireworks Begin

Well, today was the first day you could shoot or buy fireworks here in the city limits. We have a friend over for a sleepover, so the first thing we did was hit the fireworks stand and for a little bit of money they were entertained all afternoon and evening. It always amazes me how cheap some of the fireworks are in price. Of course our church used to run a fireworks stand as a fundraiser and it always amazed me the people who came and spent hundreds of dollars to blow and burn up and then couldn't eat the rest of the month. I bought today, but Jonathon has been stashing away some money to buy fireworks for awhile. The rest of them are on him.

We had tanks and chickens, ground bloomin flowers, day and night parachutes, Saturn missiles, mighty crackers, bees, and a host of other things that whizzed, banged, whistled and popped. Nobody got injured, and it was hours of fun!

As a kid growing up I always loved the 4th of July because everyone would get together and go to my grandparents and have a big picnic. Then when it got dark all the dads would take the night works across the street to my uncle's and shoot them off for everyone to watch. I think it is kind of sad that we don't do anything like that now, it was great family tradition. I find it sort of hard being an only child and having an only child to have big family traditions. I mean when it is just the three of us and my mom holidays seem a lot of time like any ordinary day of the week.

My cousins live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and their kids have never lived anywhere that they were actually allowed to shoot fireworks of any kind. Once when they were little they were in Kansas and one of them asked if we could go and rent some fireworks to use while they were here. Of course they weren't very old, but we still laugh about that today.

I took some pictures of the two boys blowing stuff up, but they didn't come out very good. I added a couple of them at the top, but I was in the shade and they were in the sun, and for some reason I had the worst headache all day long.

I have got some stitching done on Lady Liberty lately she now has a head even a little hair.

Tomorrow when our buddy departs I have an appointment for some diet coke, Reba, and stitching.

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