Sunday, July 27, 2008

It is HOT! HOT! HOT!

Well, I guess one could say that we are in the dog days of summer here in Kansas. We have had scorching weather here for about the last five days. It did cool down last night and we were treated to a great lightening show. I don't know that we got any sizable rainfall amounts out of the whole deal, but I sat outside and watched the wind and lightening until about midnight. Actually, it was perfect weather to do just that. The mosquitoes weren't out and about, it was cool, and there was a good breeze!

Thursday night we went through all the shoes Jonathon owns and decided which ones did't fit, which ones did etc. We have shoes to start the school year with and I think the soccer shoes will last one more season. The box of hand me downs that is destined for Texas is getting full. I still need to go through his drawers and shirts. I had been sending his clothes to the little boy next door, who is four, but holy cow the kid is already in a size five (and growing like a weed on fertilizer)and Jonathon is still stuck in an eight. Really the only reason we wear a size eight is because the sevens were too short. Thankfully they make jeans with the elastic tabs, because we swim in the waist of a size eight. I figure it won't be that long before the neighbors will be sending us their hand-me downs.

We are unoffically ready for school here. We have Jonathon's school supplies bought. We also took a day trip down to Tulsa on Friday to get him some other things he needed. We are ready for school in the clothes and shoe department. We are also ready for soccer season, as we bought some soccer shorts and new shin guards. I actually got some really good buys on his clothes and shoes. I am a big clearance rack shopper, so that helps out.

I got some new clothes also, but I have a hard time shopping for clothes for myself. Of course when you have your mother and nine year old following you around that doesn't help. Plus factor in the 100 degree weather, it just doesn't make shopping for fat girl clothes that fun. Probably the sensible thing to do would be to just go on a diet and lose the weight, but that is easier said than done. Not that I have really tried in this endeavor very well lately.

I have been cross-stitching on Jonathon's airplane lately and tomorrow should have a progress picture to show. I do believe that everyone, including Abigail, would have to say that it now looks more like an airplane. I am starting to see blue in my sleep, since that is about the only color DMC I have used here of late.

I spent yesterday afternoon putting together vocabulary folders for my students. I had all the papers ran off last spring and punched the holes in them. Earlier this summer I collated them. Yesterday I put the folders together. There is now one less box lying around my dining room.

I suppose I should clean house today, but that may or may not happen.

Have a great Monday (if there is such a thing as a great Monday.)

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