Sunday, June 22, 2008

This That and the Other

Well, it has been awhile since my last update, but we have been busy. We have had relatives here from Iowa, New Hampshire, and Illinois so that was fun. We always enjoy seeing Dan's cousins and visiting with them as they are really fun people to be around. On Wednesday evening they came to our house for pizza and hanging out. Thursday they went to Pittsburg, Kansas to visit other cousins and have a cookout. Friday we all met at noon in Liberty for lunch. Friday night there was a big family dinner at the local community building. My bunch missed that dinner because Jonathon had a ballgame. But the nice thing about having a ballgame that night was Jonathon's older cousin, whom he idolizes, got to come and watch him play.

Saturday we finished our ball season. I like Jonathon to participate in sports because I want him to be active. I have to say I was more than a little disappointed in the last game of the season because I don't think it was about the kids. It was sort of the coaches pitted against each other with one trying to outwit the other one, and one certain parent on the bleachers complaining and berating the umpires the entire game. The coach thing wasn't hostile or anything--maybe they were just trying to get the kids to play the game better mentally, but it was a very long game for the rest of us. Now we have one more week of swimming lessons to go and then we will be done.

Abby spent the weekend with us. Her mom was out of town and the guys are starting wheat harvest. Sometimes I think Abby thinks she lives with us. She is very comfortable at our house.

So Saturday afternoon we get in the car and head to Sonic for Happy Hour, we get the corner to turn onto the main drag and bad brakes. I managed to get us back home. Dan isn't sure what is wrong with the car, but I think today once wheat harvest gets underway he is going to look into that. Even though I wasn't happy about a vehicle breakdown it did give us an excuse to just stay home and hang out. I actually got a lot of stitching done on Lady Liberty even though it doesn't look like a lot. I was working on the head and face area. Lots of color changes and stuff. Of course in her inspection of the cross-stitch Abby quickly pointed out that she had no head. I told her I was aware and she would have one shortly.

Today we are going up to the Aquatic Park for awhile and hang out. I am hoping that will wear them down and when they get home they will just want to flop and do something calm.

The pictures above are from this weekend and a couple of the flowers in our front yard. Have a great Sunday.

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Judy said...

Oooh, pretty flowers!

No rain here by the is truly miserable. Thank goodness for Schlitterbahn, except I cringe every time I drive the four miles to get there - that's gas I'm burning!!!