Monday, June 16, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays.....

always get me down. I was really hopeful that we would miss yesterday's batch of rain, but we didn't. We are supposed to receive rain for about the next four days. Tonight would have been our last baseball game of the season, and swimming lessons were supposed to start this week, but alas no we will set home today and watch it rain and rain and rain some more.

This weekend we didn't do a lot. On Saturday we went to the pool for awhile in the afternoon. As luck would have it several of our school buddies were there, so Jonathon had lots of fun. I finished painting the second coat in Jonathon's room and mowed our yard and my mom's. That is about the extent of our fun filled weekend. I am really ready to get this room thing finished. I can't stand all of the clutter in the living room.

We also have relatives coming in this weekend. I don't want the house to be a mess, even though I am not even sure that they will be at my house. Today I guess would be a great day to start cleaning in the basement, which we call "Manland". It looks like it too. A great big messy man cave.

So until tomorrow have a great day.

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Judy said...

Believe me, if I could get that rain and take it from you, I would! Funny thing is, last year at this time, we had rain almost every day at some point...our water table levels were so high last year and we didn't start running our sprinkler system in the yard until around mid-August. This year? It has been running since late March. Gah.

Hope you find some fun stuff to keep you guys busy inside today.