Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Can Understand, Sort Of

I had to turn the channel several times in the last few days. I couldn't stand to watch those homes in Wisconsin being washed away, it was just a little too much. Tonight reading the news on I came across a video from the Today Show where Matt Lauer interviewed the family that lived in one of the homes. It was really sad. The older little girl stood there and bit her lip and cried.

Last July 1st several towns in our area had massive flooding. My small city was one of the worst hit. Nearly 2000 people were displaced here. Water breached the levy north of town shortly after midnight. The local refinery didn't have time to shut down properly and inadvertently and spilled about 60,000 gallons of crude oil into the flood waters making matters worse.

My in-laws lived on the family farm. Dan's dad was born there and raised his family there. Their house was located about 30 ft. from the levy and my in-laws lost their home and it obliterated all of our crops for last year. The two pictures above are of the family farm. Thankfully the equipment was all high enough it didn't get damaged, we did lose some stuff in the shops. The green stuff you see growing there is the corn crop, which was probably in excess of 6ft tall at the time of the flood. I get a little anxious and anxiety ridden when it starts to rain now, especially since we have had too much rain already this spring.

We spent most of the week with little running water to no running water. One day when the water went off completely it was just surreal. I went to Wal-Mart to get paper plates and it was just a mad house people were grabbing bottled water right and left. You could actually feel the panic. I guess it gave you a feel what others go through in a natural disaster. I can tell you for a fact I never want to go through something like that again.

My son and I went one day down to the local elementary school and handed out water and ice that was sent from FEMA. My sister in law got ready to put ice and water in the back of a jeep and the lady said be careful the tea set was the only toy her daughter had left. It really made you stop and think about being thankful for the things you had.


Debbie said...

Wow, T, I guess I didn't realize you had such trouble last year! Sure hope the rains stop for you. The photos are amazing.

We have had very hot and humid weather so far this year and some tremendous thunder storms, but not a lot of rain.

stitchin schoolmarm said...

Oh, last year was quite a year here for us. That flood was only part of it, we had the sump pump failure basement flood 3" in five rooms. My mom moving 3 times, my FIL living with us for awhile, the blood clot debacle x 2, the death of my MIL and my SIL has been diagnosed with breast cancer. That was the same week my MIL died from it. But this year is going to be better x2.

Judy said...

Where we live, they had a HUGE flood the year before we got here. The lake dam couldn't hold back all the water and the spillway was destroyed. Our quiet little "tourist attraction river" became a raging animal, taking down blocks and blocks and miles and miles of houses and businesses. I understand that panic you feel when the rains come...I see it in every face here when we get rain (which is rare - geez, we haven't had rain in MONTHS). It is such a look of helplessness and dispair.

BTW, as for the swim class comment, I think a little of it is the debacle from Memorial Day at my grandmother's pool, but a lot of it is his own headstrongness and being all about who is in control at this point (such is life with potty training as well - I am so tired of changing poopy underwear I could SCREAM!).