Tuesday, June 10, 2008

He Did Win A T-Shirt

By golly my son did win a t-shirt at basketball camp this morning. He thinks it is for the Hot Shot Contest because he got 31 points, but his friend said that no it is because he was a good listener and followed directions. But here is the kicker. Because of basketball camp he doesn't think he wants to go to college. No, he isn't going straight to the NBA out of third grade! Three of the college players (this is a community college) came to the end of camp today. The coach introduced them to the kids and told a little about each of them, you know where they were from and what positions they played. Then one of the them dunked the ball, I was actually quite impressed by that as the guy wasn't that tall. Anyway on the ride home Jonathon announced that he doesn't think he wants to go to college because those guys just came from summer school and he just doesn't think he would like summer school. I didn't even try to explain that college summer school is different than elementary summer school. I merely stated he had to go to college.

So I am posting twice in one day because tomorrow I don't think I will be able to life my arms above my head. I did clean out the basement window wells, but I also cleaned up this messy place in the front yard where I have some flowers in pots and an old wheelbarrow. The previous owners of this house layered landscaping rocks covered by that black cloth to stop weeds then about 2 inches of mulch on top. It was all moldy and had toadstools growing everywhere, so I shoveled and raked all of that up, sprayed with roundup, put down more black cloth and then a minimal amount of mulch.

I have decided that we will practice the multiplication tables this summer as part of our learning. It always drove me crazy when I taught fifth grade and kids were still counting basic facts on their fingers. So we will work on that. But I am also going to get a blank map of the U.S. and he can start learning the locations of the fifty states. I don't think I will have to make him read as he generally will sit down and read on his own.

We are getting ready this week to redo his room. Right now it is clouds, moons, and stars. We are changing that to ARMY! We are crazy about anything army. Last year for AR we read several books about the World War II era. We have camouflage bed sets for the bunk beds. We got some really neat wallpaper border from a wallpaper wholesaler, so tomorrow we are going to start cleaning out the room getting ready to paint, paper, and throw stuff away (I haven't really told him about that part).

Tomorrow afternoon it might be back to REBA, Lady Liberty and diet coke.

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