Thursday, June 19, 2008


This week we have family here from Iowa, Illinois, and New Hampshire. The visitors are Dan's aunts and cousins. They have had this trip planned for a long time as Dan's mother was very ill and they wanted to see her one last time. Well, Dan's mom passed in April after a very prolonged battle with breast cancer. The out of state relatives decided that instead of making a mad dash here for the service they would wait until this summer when they could stay longer and everyone would be more able to visit. So, my SIL and I kept hearing all of these whispering about a big family dinner, etc. We asked the husbands and they claimed to know nothing. We asked each other's husbands they knew nothing. We asked all the important questions when? where? do I need to cook or bring anything? Neither of them had talked to their sisters since the funeral, was the one answer we kept getting. Then they switched to the standard mumbled I don't know. ETC ETC.
Well come to find out the sisters had talked to both of their brothers and dad numerous times about this, they just don't remember. Why are men like this? All they had to do was say a family dinner tomorrow at Liberty School, but did they? NO. Both of my husband's sisters were mortified that we knew nothing about it. It isn't as if tomorrow wasn't going to be busy enough with swim lessons, running here and there with the visitors etc, now we have to throw cooking into the mix.
I am just so irritated right now!
One SIL said it must just be men. Her husband went back to his hometown last week to help out with something for his parents and totally forgot that his nephew's wife had a baby the day he got there! He went to the hospital to see the baby even! He did remember they had a cookout and what he ate etc, but forgot about the newborn baby. Seriously, people!

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