Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Finish of 2008

Okay, Ladies and Gentlmen, here is my first cross-stitch finish of 2008. I believe the name of this is Bloomin Alphabet. Sorry for the poor picture quality, but when you wake up at 4:30 am perfection is hard to obtain. This project was a little kit sent to me by my friend Eileen in Rhode Island. It was stitched on linen using Weeks overdyed thread. What am I going to do with this finished piece? I am not sure yet. I just finished it and trust me that was the only constructive thing I did yesterday, besides watching six (yes,six) reruns of REBA. Abby and I like Barbara Jean. When Abby is here she watches REBA reruns with me instead of playing with her cousin.

Now you are probably asking why I was awake at 4:30. My husband is off spending money today and it has me a little nervous. He is going to Nebraska to buy a trailer to haul his header for his combine, then going somewhere (I dont' even know if the place is in Kansas) to buy a header for the combine he just bought. He has to do this otherwise he won't be able to harvest any wheat this summer. Then there is all of this rain we are having right about the time wheat harvest should begin, high fuel prices, spending money. Can you get that this is all a little stressful for me? This isn't like me going down to the Silver Needle and enhancing my stash a little. The other reason I got up so darn early was to make sure he set the alram for 6 am, then I couldn't go back to sleep.

Yesterday was our first day of basketball camp. It was just "a little fun" and we don't know if we learned anything or not. We did score 12 points at Hot Shot, but did not win the t-shirt. I guess as a parent I have failed to teach my child it is not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game. However, today our friend Eric is going to come home with us to play after basketball, so we are going to be up and at it today.

I have kind of decided that this summer he has to do something in the line of chores everday to earn his allowance. I later decided that on some days he will have to do some sort of homework to earn his allowance. I think we will start with reviewing his multiplication facts. I am pretty sure at the end of last year he knew all the facts up to the 12's. I read on some blogs their kids have to do something in the line of school work everyday, and while I like that idea I also like the idea of forgetting we ever heard about school. As a teacher I like to get away from school once in awhile.

We do have some sort of educational things planned for this summer. I am going to take him to Woolarc. When his class went there on a field trip he had to miss school that day because his grandmother had died. I told him that we would go there one day this summer. It will only cost an arm and a leg to go to this nearby tourist attraction in my car, but we will go.

I have made a firm plan that when it is blistering hot today (and not raining buckets) I will accomplish something besides stitching on Lady Liberty and drinking too much caffeine laced Diet Coke, while watching reruns of REBA. I think today is the day I clean out the basement window wells. Wish me luck.


Judy said...

we have a pretty small "educational" routine here - 20 minutes of reading a day (that my older son can do with my little guy - I'm all about tag-teaming), we do something math-related twice a week and piano practice (15 minutes) three times a week. He also wants to do science, so we do that on math days, too...right now we're "growing" painted lady butterflies - they're in the cocoon phase right now.

Of course, when we go out of town or stuff like that, we take a break as well. I'm all about keeping up with school work, but I also want to have fun, too!

Debbie said...

Very nice stitching, T! I love the antique look.

We are doing some school all summer. The little girls forget too much if we stop.