Monday, June 9, 2008

Another Rainy Day

Yep, it's raining again. I think we have received somewhere around 25 inches of rain since the middle of May here. When it isn't raining the wind is blowing like mad. I don't know who made Mother Nature so angry, but I wish they would either make amends or she would get over it.

Yesterday I finally got some laundry done. We went the local walking track and I walked while Jonathon went fishing. My mom sat at the dock near the pond there with him. Ofcourse we had no fishing bait, so he took some corn. Don't laugh some of his friends used it at the scouting thing, even though they didn't catch a thing. He was a little put out when we got in the car because he didn't catch anything. I was glad he didn't catch anything because 1. It is catch and release there, he couldn't have kept the fish and he would have wanted to... and 2. I don't know how to take a fish off the hook, so then what would we have done?

I am due to finish my first cross-stitch project of 2008 today. It is nothing big. I do have some projects I wanted to get finished or started this summer. The first is Lady Liberty. I think it is a Mirabella pattern, the second is a Stoney Creek old time schoolhouse. The last two projects are for my son and husband. The son wants a WWII plane stitched from a Stoney Creek book and there is this old pattern called Wintertime Feeding my husband has wanted for a very long time. (Is ten years really that long?) I started it last summer on linen, but holy moly trying to get all of those snowflakes in the right place on linen, can you say headache? I ordered some overdyed aida from Silkweaver's to start it over.

The second picture is of my neice Abby and my son, Jonathon. This was taken last summer. They are one year and two weeks apart. Most people would think being so close in age they wouldn't get along very well, but really the opposite is true. They get along really well. I think part of it is due to the fact that while Abby can be a girly, girl she is also a tomboy. The first picture is Abby the girly girl. I had just gotten my new camera and needed some practice. she is always willing to strike a pose for me, where as Jonathon doesn't pose.

Well, I still have three hours left to myself this morning as basketball camp started. We have been a little lazy and sleeping late since school got out, but this morning we have to get up and get moving. It was hard.

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Vonna said...

Howdy doo! Glad to meet you and welcome to the world of blogging! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog about Prairie School...I would have been beside myself too to attend ;)
And I would have wanted to have brown hair instead of blonde so that I could be just like Laura Ingalls ;)
We have much in common I think! I've added your feed to my reader...I'll be back ;)

Corn....never heard about using that to fish, but we have a lake at my Mother's home and growing up if we didn't have worms, we'd use hot dogs and rolled up dough balls (from bread) works like magic!
and easily found at home :0)